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What is a Community Garden?

Community Gardens are a community space where people come together to grow their own fruit and vegetables and learn about gardening. Some people have their own plots, others share a plot.

“We used to have a veggie patch at home, but it died each time we went on holidays, so we got involved to share the gardening and tasks”

“I don't have a garden of my own and I want to grow my own produce”

“I have a chronic disease and it helps me with bending and moving around”

“It's the stories we hear from one another. Even if the snails are eating my lettuces, I can have a chat and then
a laugh and I feel ok”

“I have been given heaps
of seedlings from
other members
and there's lots of

Groundswell Community Garden

Groundswell Community Garden is located at Montague Park, Bentley Place, Frankston (click here for a map).

OUR VISION for Groundswell Community Garden is that it is a harmonious place, accessible to everyone to build friendships and promote health, well being and sustainability.

OUR MISSION for our garden is to be an outdoor community centre, welcoming all interested people, where the focus is:

  • People (as part of a community)
  • Organic gardening and permaculture principles
  • Sustainability
  • The arts Learning and teaching

Membership information is here.

The health benefits of Community Gardens

Community Gardens can help:

  • supplement families diets with wholesome organic vegetables
  • decrease food costs
  • promote exercise and enjoy the outdoors
  • provide relaxation and alleviate stress
  • connect people in their neighbourhood

Read more about the benefits of producing your food locally at "Local food for sustainable communities", www.ecosmagazine.com Dec-Jan 2010