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Natured Kids

Fun activities for children 0-5 yrs & their families in nature Weekly visits to:

  • Flora and Fauna reserves
  • Local Beaches
  • Community Parks and Gardens
  • Wetlands and Bird Hides
  • Galleries and Sculpture Parks
  • Agricultural farms

Participate with your child in relevant songs, activities, stories and craft.

"Nature Days, Nurture Children" and create healthy, happy kids!

For Enquiries, call Narelle on: 9783 5746 or 0431 79 13 79

Why have 'Natured Kids'?

  • Daily doses of sunshine make for happy kids.
  • Exposure to an outdoor environment all seasons improves a child’s immunity.
  • Active, sensory, hands-on experiences enhance a child’s cognitive, physical & social development.
  • Knowing your community & making new friends gives you a ‘sense of place’ and belonging.
  • Playing outdoors gives children a healthy balance of leisure time and recreational options.
  • Children who have positive environmental experiences during their formative years, want to communicate, investigate, learn, make sense of & care about their world. This helps school readiness.
  • Memories are made spending quality time with your kids, this develops strong family bonds

Places are limited. For timetable/enrollment forms call 9783 5746



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